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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gymnastics Method for women or men?2019-07-08T04:15:38+00:00

Both! We designed the program with all people in mind. Both men and women alike have seen success with the Gymnastics Method programs.

Are these programs and tutorials for gaining muscle mass, or losing weight and burning fat?2019-07-08T04:15:53+00:00

Within the Gymnastics Method programs, and exercises there are opportunities for both bulking and losing weight.

Do you need a gym membership in order to do these exercises?2019-07-08T04:16:16+00:00

No. The best thing of the Gymnastics Method program is that these exercises can be performed anywhere regardless of where you are. However, if you want to use a gym you are more than welcome. For some exercises you will need some equipments, for example, pull-up bar, parallel bar, elastic band or gymnastics rings.

Is it for beginners, intermediate or advanced level athletes?2019-07-08T04:16:29+00:00

Fo all! The Gymnastics Method programs, and tutorials come with an easy to follow video workout plan that has exercises for beginners and experts based on your ability and experience!

Can you login from your phone?2019-07-08T04:16:38+00:00

Yes. You can login from your phone, tablet or computer.

I never did any kind of training before (bodyweight training, calisthenics etc.) Can I start your programs and tutorials?2019-07-08T04:17:29+00:00

Absolutely! Our programs and tutorials are perfect for beginners. You can improve every little step safely. Just follow the instructions and enjoy your progress!

How does the membership work?2019-07-08T04:17:12+00:00

After joining our team, you become a member and if you choose the annual membership, your free 7-day trial starts. That means, you will have access to all of our Programs, Tutorials and All videos for a week without any charges. Your One Year membership starts after the trial week, and it lasts for a full year.

If you choose the Monthly membership, you will be charged the monthly fee, then you will have access to all of our Programs, Tutorials and All videos immediately.

Cancel anytime, no need to renew, membership auto renewal included.

Important:remember your username and password! Log in before you are about to see the contents!

How do I start the training?2019-07-08T04:16:59+00:00

Our system is simple, and you can achieve your goals fast and safely, if you put enough effort and time in it!

Even if you have training experience, we recommend you to start your journey with our Programs! The PRE-ality joint preparation, PRIMAL ONE and PRIMAL TWO basic strength programs prepare your body for the professional exercises. The Programs are simple: you get your training plans with sets and reps, recommended training and rest days, and rest times. You just have to follow the instructions, until you get to the end of the period, or you complete the Master Steps.

If you finish the Programs, you can start any Tutorials you want! On this stage you can learn your dream exercises step-by-step!

The All videos menu includes all of our exercises. Here, you can search specifically Exercises, Body Parts, Series or Styles. In the video descriptions, you can find the recommended sets and reps of the exercise.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee on GymasticsMethod.net?2019-07-08T04:16:48+00:00

Yes! If you do not like the contents you will get a full refund within 21 days of purchase.


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