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We kindly ask you to read the conditions of the contract, in case of issues arising feel free to contact us. In case of submitting your order check the valid General Terms and Conditions.

General Terms and Conditions

Scope of Treaty, Contracting parties

The conditions described below have been determined by the ‘AG-Movement System’

Business Registration: 01-09-295803
Headquarter: 1052. Budapest, Vármegye utca 3-5.
Bank Account Number: 11600006-00000000-79280457
Phone Number: +3620-248-3567
E-mail address: *protected email*

The supplier of an electronic commerce service (hereinafter referred to ’Vendor’) operates a homepage www.gymnasticsmethod.net that contains the legal conditions and information on the purchase through the internet store.

The Contract is approved by the order of the Customer; simultaneously with the submission of the order of the Terms and Conditions, which has been established by the order between the purchaser (hereinafter referred to ’Consumer’) and the operator AG-Movement System, are acknowledged and accepted to be bound by the Customer.

The order is be possible only with the registration of the user. The data of orders are recorded and stored by the Vendor.

The AG-Movement System reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without prior notice; however, the changes cannot derogate from the legal regulations and should not apply to orders under performance.

By the submission of the order, a contract is concluded between the Vendor and Customer which is based on the conditions defined in this agreement. The Vendor, while being the subject of purchase order, undertakes to certify prudent behavior as it is expected. The Customer undertakes, unless the Customer resigns during the transitional period, to transfer the total purchase price of the service requested online. The Customer notes itself being subject to the condition of submitting the order, which is considered to be an offer. The Customer takes note that the subscription is valid for one calendar year.

For the approval of the order, the personal details of the Consumer are needed that must be provided on the registration/payment site of www.gymnasticsmethod.net. In case of incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate data the order is rejected and the contract is not established. Insofar as the data provided by the Consumer through the registration procedure is not true and accurate, the Vendor has the right to cancel and withdraw from the execution of the order without the need of specific justification.

By the submission of the order, the Customer declares its awareness of the technical parameters, properties, characteristics of the product, the gross prices, conditions of the payment, information regarding delivery and method of receiving the goods.


The regulations regarding guarantee below are exclusively applicable to products physically delivered to the Customer. The rules do not concern courses and online videos available on gymnasticsmethod.net. Solely new products are sold via the gymnasticsmethod.hu internet store; except certain products on sale, in the description box of these products the information regarding guarantee is detailed. The product purchased can be replaced by the Vendor only in case the product is proven to be defective and the packaging has not been damaged. The Vendor is not liable to replace or take back products that are impossible to be sold due to the damage made during unpacking.

Right of Withdrawal in case of instructor-course, workshop and seminar

The regulations regarding participation in the courses offered by Gymnastics Method (instructor-course, workshop and seminar) are supplemented with the following rules regarding the nature, composition and the expenses of preparation for the courses.

The conditions of resignation from participation at courses held by Gymnastics Method

  • Resignation at least 60 days before the beginning of the course: 100$ deduction for administration cost and the rest of the amount is paid back to the Customer
  • Resignation 30-59 days before the beginning of the course: 50% of the amount is paid back to the Customer
  • Resignation in less than 30 days: the amount cannot be recovered, the right of withdrawal in this period of time will not benefit the Customer anymore.

The ticket bought is freely transferable to another person up to the last 3 days before the beginning of the course. The Customer, using the link located in the e-mail confirming of the purchase, is obliged to inform the instructor or organiser of the course in writing about the transfer.

Money back guarantee:

Try our online training for 21 days and get you money back if you are not satisfied.
The only thing you need to do is to send your order details to the following e-mail address:

Please keep in mind that the 7 days trial period also included in the 21 days.

The Right of Withdrawal regarding online video courses

In case of online video courses with the yearly subscription the User gains access to the entire online video store and becomes entitled to receive newsletters monthly. Purchasing the subscription, the User may start a 7-day-long free trial, during which period the User has the right to withdraw from the purchase. In the first 14 days after the time of purchase the User can withdraw from the purchase without further explanation. From the 15th day of the purchase the yearly subscription cannot be withdrawn.

The Right of Withdrawal regarding physical products

A special right of withdrawal is provided for the users of gymnasticsmethod.net: The Consumer has the right to withdraw the order in the first 8 hours after the purchase.

The request of refund has to be indicated in writing (e-mail: hello The Right of Withdrawal regarding online video courses

gymnascitcsmethod.net) and justified in speech (phone: +1-305-985-8859) using the sales-services of gymnasticsmethod.net. Having notified the Vendor properly, no administrative costs charge the Customer.

In the first 14 days after the time of purchase, the User can withdraw from the purchase without further explanation.

The deadline of withdrawal expires 14 days after the day on which the product/service is taken over by the Customer.

If the Customer is willing to use its right to ask for refund; the declaration of the wish to withdraw from the purchase with reference to the numeric code of product and order has to be sent by post, fax, or a letter electronically submitted to the ten.d1594816183ohtem1594816183scits1594816183anmyg1594816183@olle1594816183h1594816183.

The Customer can use the right of withdrawal only in case of submitting the necessary declaration form until the expiration of the given deadline.

The legal effect of withdrawal

In case the Customer withdraws from the contract, immediately but (no later than 14 days from the date of receipt) all contribution paid by the Customer is returned back, including the cost of delivery, except those additional costs that occurred due to the opt of Customer for a different delivery method other than the cheapest, conventional one offered by the Vendor. Through the process of refund the same payment method shall be applied by the Vendor as the method applied in the original transaction by the Customer, unless the Customer gives specific contribution to the use of a different payment method; in case of this refund method, no further additional costs charge the Customer.

The Vendor may withhold the withdrawal up to the point when the product is received or the shipment of the product is confirmed by the Customer: the earlier of the two dates must be taken into consideration.

The Customer is obliged to return or hand back on the product to the Vendor without undue delay but within 14 days after the date of submitting the declaration of withdrawal. The deadline is kept if the Customer returns the product within 14 days. The direct cost of shipping the product is covered by the Vendor.

As the packaging is part of the product, it can be returned with the original package only.

In case the product has been damaged or it worn out, the Vendor may demand compensation for damage of the product suffered as the result of unintended use.

The right of withdrawal cannot be applied in case of damaged (opened) packaging or temporary use of the product that make the further sale of the product impossible.

Before the withdrawal of the product the Customer is entitled to consult our colleagues about the possible methods of withdrawal.

Goods and Services available to purchase

Product scope: courses on health, sport and free-time activities, professional training. The tickets necessary for courses and products can be purchased via our online store.

The products offered can be categorized in the following way:

  • Material for training videos
  • Instructor course
  • Workshops, seminars
  • Equipment for sport
  • Sportswear

The gross price indicated on gymnasticsmethod.net are the final retail prices of the products that are valid solely in the moment of the product’s appearance. The Vendor sustains the right to change the prices indicated in the online store. The change of the price enters into force with its appearance on the website. In case the order is submitted by the Customer, the Vendor undertakes to ensure that the product will be delivered with the original retail price valid in the moment of order. This price is indicated in the confirmation sent following the submission of the order.

Gymnasticsmethod.net endeavours to make the data appearing on the website (product price, accessibility, description) as accurate as possible. In the event of occurrence of mistakes, the Vendor takes responsibility according to legislation. The Customer may withdraw the order if the information is proven to be inaccurate.

The promotional fares regarding products and other orders available on the website of gymnasticsmethod.net are valid based on the conditions applied in the time of submitting the order. Certain products are supplied with a gift sent by the Vendor, which is indicated in the webstore next to the product ordered. If the gift is optional it can be only chosen concurrently with the ordering process. The gift is optional in case of each order, including multiple products ordered in the same time. The Vendor ensures the gift until stocks of the manufacturer are exhausted.

The Vendor does not take responsibility if the order, whole or in part through no fault on his own (eg. stock shortage) cannot be fulfilled; the principle payment previously paid is transferred back to the Customer.

Delivery conditions

The transport costs apply to physical products requiring shipment only, and the costs are individually established for all types of products. The prices indicated are gross amounts and contain VAT.

The products are home delivered in 12-19 workdays from the day of order. The date of delivery may delay if the product is not available in store at neither the Vendor, nor the manufacturer or the wholesalers. As a consequence, the product may be delivered in later than 20 workdays in which case the Customer is informed.

The product is delivered to the address given in registration, a confirmation e-mail is sent about the delivery date and order details.

The Consumer may ask for the product to be delivered to a different address than the one given through the registration procedure in case the request is reported –in 24 hours before the date of delivery signed in the e-mail– to the customer services (phone: +1-305-985-8859, e-mail: ten.d1594816183ohtem1594816183scits1594816183anmyg1594816183@olle1594816183h1594816183).

The orders submitted on the same day by the identically registered Customer are aggregated by the Vendor. Only one discount of the coupons made use, vouchers, or gifts is enforceable.

Payment terms

In case of online video courses, trainings and products purchase exclusively credit card payment or PayPal transaction is possible.

Complaint handling

The aim of gymnasticsmethod.net is to fulfil all orders providing appropriate quality. If the Customer wants to make a complaint regarding the contract or the fulfilment of it, the complaint can be submitted to the access of customer services, which available on gymnasticsmethod.net. The Vendor shall examine the complaint in 30 days from the submission, similarly to the statement of complaint the Vendor informs the Customer about the decision on the complaint and informs the Customer in case of rejection about the possibilities to submit remedy.

The locally competent court is responsible for the judgement on legal disputes arising by any of the Parties. For matters not regulated by this Agreement, the regulations of the Civil Code and the law of Government Regulation 45/2014. (II.28.) concerning distance contracts are governing.

Data management

The data under gymnasticsmethod.net domain name are handled by the AG-Movement System. Data is provided on a voluntary basis with the consent of the subject. The provision and handling of data is necessary for the successful execution of the order and separation of products from one another and identifiable content of the product. The controller handles and stores the data based on the regulation of 2001 CVIII Law. The Vendor endeavours to keep the data safe and undamaged; the procedure of handling personal information is based on the 1992 LXIII. Law on protection of personal data and access to data of public interest.

Data to be provided for the submission and record of the order:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Postcode
  • State, City

In case of a different billing address the data above can be submitted separately for invoicing.

The following data are recorded and stored with the orders of a previously registered account:

Previous orders (identification, date of order, total amount, status of order, list of ordered products)

Favourite products (if the User signed in and saved products as favourites following the registration)

Access details belonging to registration (password encrypted)

The possibility to amend invoicing and delivery data, previously provided data

Data to be provided for subscription to newsletter

  • Name
  • E-mail address

The Customer may subscribe to newsletter by the submission of the order or on the site of the web store. Subscription is possible solely with a real e-mail address.

Following the subscription, a confirmatory reference is sent to the e-mail address by the system, clicking on it the Customer can justify and confirm the subscription. By clicking on the confirmation web address the Customer provides consent to receive newsletter. The data provided is kept confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties by the AG-Movement System. The right to unsubscribe of newsletters is provided at the bottom of each mail sent by the Vendor by clicking on the unsubscribe button or contacting the customer services. Clicking on the unsubscribe button in the mail causes the immediate deletion of the e-mail address and all data in connection with it of the mailing list. In case of demanding the deletion of data via customer services, data will be deleted in 3 workdays from the day of request. The content of newsletters sent by AG-Movement System is informative about the current sales and highlight information about the products. The data is not disclosed to third parties; the offers of a third party shall not be sent to the given e-mail address.

Statistical data

Through browsing on the website technical information are registered for statistical purposes (IP address, period of visiting the website, etc.). Such data can solely handed to authorities by AG-Movement System if it is legally, credibly justified and the request is substantiated; the statistical tool used by AG-Movement System is Google Analytics. The processing directive of Google Analytics is detailed on the website http://www.google.com/analytics.


For the use of services cookies must be enabled. In case the Customer does not want to permit the use of cookies, they can be blocked in the settings of the browser (settings menu entry). I case cookies are not accepted certain element of the service partially or not at all can be used. ‘Cookie’ is a file that is sent to the browser of the user by the scale server of the web store and it is used in the computer of the user. No personal data are stored in cookies. The data stored in cookies: content of basket, identification of session, age (older than 18 years or not). The identification of session is stored in cookies until closing the website, further data are stored in the browser owned by the user until the uninstallation of the browser.

Legal Notice

The use of websites and view of material available for subscribers created by AG-Movement System is conditional upon reading in advance and accepting the regulations governed by this legal document. The User, signing in to the website run by AG-Movement System, acknowledges the conditions set out in this Legal Notice and recognizes itself bound by regulations independently of the cause and nature of the visit on the website. The design and style, certain parts, determination of the content, placement into framework, layout, compilation and the content (hereinafter ‘the Content’) is individual; based on its originality the website and the Content are copyright-protected. The right-holder is AG-Movement System. Solely the right holder, AG-Movement System, is authorized to allow each, every and anyone use it with particular attention on the following:

Without prior written authorization of the AG-Movement System it is forbidden to– in part or whole–release, re-publish, circulate, store, process, recast, multiply, translate, store in database, make available to download, put on the market, forward or copy the content. Creation or adaptation of any material or work of art derived or based on the content is forbidden; including font type, button, link, background image, icon, text, picture, graphic, logo, image, shooting or unauthorized distribution and sales of audio and video material is prohibited.

Any kind of distribution of videos and descriptions entails denunciation and criminal proceeding. Additionally, the User is obliged to pay the Author a compensation of 20.000 $ per video and 5$ per character in the description of content.

The User shall respect all copyright and other rights connected to the content. The Author –AG-Movement System– is allowed, partially or wholly, to modify, update or cancel the content without prior notice. The aim of the Author is to publish authentic and accurate content; however, for credibility and harm deriving from the lack of credibility the Author takes no responsibility. Should the User find any inaccurate or incorrect information, the case can be reported via the following address: ten.d1594816183ohtem1594816183scits1594816183anmyg1594816183@olle1594816183h1594816183.

The User can use the website entirely on his own responsibility. Adam Gödrösi and the AG-Movement System exclude its liability for any harm deriving from the reference existing on the website of the Author linked to the website of a third party. The User acknowledges that the Vendor is not responsible for any damage or error caused by virus, for data loss of any kind in the computer or network of the User and furthermore, the Vendor is not liable for unauthorized access to the computer or connected network of the User.


The physical movements introduced in the online course videos of Gymnastics Method extremely demanding on the human body. Therefore, you should carry out all exercises precisely, in accordance with the instructions, with respect of fitness level at your own risk. You are in charge of your body – keep it safe! Before the beginning of the training program consultation with a professional is strongly recommended. Enquire whether the exercises, static strength elements are contraindicated or safe for you to execute. In case you needed guidance turn to professional coach, doctor or instructor of the Gymnastics Method for assistance. Be precautionary; if you move irresponsibly, train ignorantly of the rules on the field, serious injuries can easily occur. For the injuries as the consequence of such behavior, the AG-Movement System does not take responsibility. All exercises on the website can be implemented on one’s own responsibility. The programs are compiled for healthy human individuals. In case you have complaints, joint pain, previously untreated or neglected injuries turn to a professional of rehabilitation in any event before the beginning of the program. The pace of development is different by each and every individual and it mainly depends on the lifestyle, nutritional habits, practice of harmful addictions and management of stress.

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