Based on the European Gymnast’s Training Methods
“I created a special system which helps you to learn the effective and purposeful usage of your body. With the help of this system you are able to present spectacular gymnastic elements and gain admirable physique.” – Adam Godrosi

Story of Gymnastics Method

Our story started 5 years ago, in a hungarian gymnastics hall, where based on original gymnastics, the idea of Gymnastics Method was born. Our aim was, to create a system based on gymnastics, where everyone can reach their goals and enjoy the movement. The exercises, which we have in our system, are based on steps, which everyone can learn and perform. The system improved a lot in the last half decade. We have our own gym in Hungary, Europe, where our instructors help our students in the frame of private or group lessons to reach above and beyond their goals. For those, who like to train and practice by their own, we provide our books and online videos.
The Gymnastics Method is a type of training form that uses all movements of artistic gymnastic to build strength, body awareness and aesthetics. This is a unique workout form on the field of functional training methodology. The aim is not the education of elite athletes, but the maximal improvement of strength, body awareness and aesthetics for ordinary man and woman. This system was built up from various gym elements as gradually as possible. Moreover, detailed online tutorial videos and workshops are provided in order for the most effective usage.

The Gymnastics Method training starts with a precise joint preparation. After preparation, it continues with base power building. Different levels can be done on both preparation and basic exercise parts. By achieving the basic levels, you are able to step forward to the advanced exercises, like the Muscle Up, Human flag or Planche. The structure of advanced and pro exercises is quiet simple: these can be acquired step-by-step after the accomplishment of previous levels.

The legend, that this form of strength and body awareness is unreachable for ordinary people is a thing of the past. The knowledge, which was only a secret in the Eastern-European gymnastics clubs, now is available for all those who are willing to move forward.

Based on the European Gymnast’s Training Methods

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